Lights out manager on Solaris servers

Sun SPARC servers may contain the following types of lights-out manager on board:


Sun Netra[TM] X1
Sun Netra[TM] T1400/1405
Sun Netra[TM] T1 AC200
Sun Netra[TM] T1 DC200
Sun Fire[TM] V100
Sun Fire[TM] V120
Sun Netra[TM] 20
Sun Netra[TM] 1280 **
Sun Netra[TM] 1290 **
Sun Fire[TM] V1280 **
Sun Fire[TM] E2900 **

** The LOM for the Sun Fire[TM]V1280/E2900 is delivered as part of the ScApp.

See the Hardware/PROM: 5.20.16: Sun Fire E6900/E4900/E2900/6800/4800/4810/3800/V1280 Netra 1280 and Netra 1290 Systems FW Update


Sun Fire[TM] V125
Sun Fire[TM] V210
Sun Fire[TM] V215
Sun Fire[TM] V240
Sun Fire[TM] V245
Sun Fire[TM] V250
Sun Fire[TM] V440
Sun Fire[TM] V445


Sun Fire[TM] T1000
Sun Fire[TM] T2000
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T1000
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T2000
Sun Netra[TM] T2000
Sun Blade[TM] T6300


Sun Fire[TM] X4100
Sun Fire[TM] X4200
Sun Fire[TM] X4500
Sun Fire[TM] X4600
Sun Fire[TM] X4100 M2
Sun Fire[TM] X4200 M2
Sun Fire[TM] X4600 M2
Sun Blade[TM] 6000 CMM
Sun Blade[TM] 8000 CMM
Sun Netra[TM] X4200 M2
Sun Blade[TM] X6220
Sun Blade[TM] X6240 Server Module
Sun Blade[TM] X6220 Server Module
Sun Blade[TM] X6275 Server Module
Sun Blade[TM] X6270 Server Module
Sun Blade[TM] X6440 Server Module
Sun SPARC Enterprise[TM] T5140 – ILOM 2.x or 3.x + ALOM4v emulation
Sun SPARC Enterprise[TM] T5240 – ILOM 2.x or 3.x + ALOM4v emulation
Sun SPARC Enterprise[TM] T5440 – ILOM 2.x or 3.x + ALOM4v emulation
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5120
Sun SPARC[TM] Enterprise T5220
Sun Blade[TM] T6340 Server Module – ILOM 2.x or 3.x + ALOM4v emulation
Sun Blade[TM] T6320


Sun Fire[TM] X2100 M2
Sun Fire[TM] X2200 M2
Sun Blade X6250 Server Module – ELOM (no longer updated), ILOM 2.x or 3.x
Sun Blade X6450 Server Module – ELOM (no longer updated) ILOM 2.x or 3.x


Sun Fire[TM] V890
Sun Fire[TM] V490
Sun Fire[TM] V880
Sun Fire[TM] V480
Sun Fire[TM] 280R
Sun Enterprise[TM] 250

Sun Fire[TM] V20z
Sun Fire[TM] V40z