Static routing



route add host

Solaris, route persistent between reboots:

route -p add host

Linux RedHat:

route add -host gw

Linux persistent routes:


where XXX – name of interface

Q1. Which command manipulates the routing table ?

A: route

 Q2: Command to add a route to server1 via router1:

A: route add host server1 router1

Q3. Which command will add a route to the network via ?

A: route add net

Q4. Which command would delete a route to host server1 via router1 ?

A: route delete host server1 router1

Q5. Which command will delete the route to the network via ?

A: route delete net

Q6. Which command will remove all entries from the routing table ?

A: route flush

Q7. Which command allows you to monitor the routing requests that are not getting resolved from the routing table ?

A7: route monitor

Q8. Which script starts the in.named daemon ?

A:  Depend on the Unix version:

  • /etc/init.d/inetsvc